Tis The Season to Be Snow Plowing


Snow plowing with your truck this winter. Are you covered?

Snow Plowing is what many truck owners think of  as we approach another New England winter. They attach their plows and wait for some white gold to fall from the sky. It is a great way for seasonal contractors to make some extra cash until their regular work returns. But what insurance do you need for snow plowing.

Is Snow Plowing best on a  personal or commercial auto insurance Policy?

The answer to this question is often determined by the gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the vehicle. If your truck is under 10,000 GVW you are eligible for a  personal, Massachusetts Auto Policy. In the event you do have a personal policy it should be amended to reflect a business use classification. With trucks in excess of the 10,000 GVW , a Business Auto Policy is necessary (BAP). The business auto policy is also required if your clients want to be added to your insurance as an additional insured.


But what happens if you do a lousy job snow plowing and someone slips and is injured?

Does my auto insurance policy cover me? No, I am sorry to say it does not. For this type of coverage you will need a Commercial Liability Policy, which provides for completed operations. Here you must also be careful. Many policies contain exclusions for the plowing of parking lots. Coverage is typically limited to driveways, streets, and roadways. This is due in large part, to the high pedestrian traffic in most parking lots.

Snow plowing is tough job

Before snow plowing season begins, do a self check. Have your vehicle serviced and stocked with essentials. Review city and state safety guidelines. Then call your insurance agent and make sure there aren’t any holes in your insurance coverage. Only then will you know if plowing is worthwhile work for you.