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The Greatest Benefit of a Personal Umbrella Insurance May Be a Good Night’s Sleep

You’re off to a great start; you’ve secured a comprehensive insurance policy for your vehicle and for your home. However, as one of the area’s most experienced personal insurance teams, Gilbert J. Costa knows you should not stop there. We encourage you to take advantage of the extended coverage a personal umbrella insurance policy offers.

What are some of the most common scenarios that highlight the need for an umbrella policy? Here are just a few real life examples:
  • You’re having your first cookout of the summer when a guest trips over an ice bucket and injures himself
  • Your normally sweet and loveable dog gets startled by someone and reacts by biting
  • You’re having a wonderful day on the water, when an unexpected squall comes up and steers your boat directly into someone’s dock
  • You’re checking in on Facebook and find that a previous employee is attempting to defame your character or, conversely, someone is suing you for libel or slander because they are offended by something you’ve written
  • You’re pleasantly surprised that today’s rush hour traffic is moving along when in a blink of an eye you are involved in a large pile-up of cars

Many of these examples may make you feel uncomfortable because they’re hitting a little too close to home. Or, maybe you’re feeling confident these things will never happen to you. But trust us, every member of our team has had a personal moment where we thought, “Thank goodness I have an umbrella policy.” And it’s exactly then that we also realize how priceless this coverage really is.

The even better news is that personal umbrella insurance is very reasonably priced, especially for the broad coverage it provides. Policies that provide an additional $1 million dollar layer of liability coverage, can cost as little as $150 per year.

We think having this extra protection in place will instantly make you feel better. Should anything extraordinary happen to you or a loved one, you won’t have to wonder, “What’s next?” Instead, you’ll be confident that Gilbert J. Costa has you covered well beyond the limits of any homeowners, renters, condo, or auto policy.

I've been a customer of Gilbert J. Costa Insurance for 20 years and really appreciate all of the help and advice they have provided to me. They go above and beyond being an insurance agent. They treat customers like family and have their best interests in mind. Easy to contact and always knowledgeable and helpful, I highly recommend this agency.


East Freetown MA

Thank you so much for always taking great care of me! Your team at Gilbert J. Costa Insurance has always been wonderful to work with and I appreciate your expertise when it comes to helping me save money on all my personal and business policies. I highly recommend you to others for all their insurance needs.


Owner, Tia Maria’s European Café, New Bedford MA

Costa Insurance is like the 'Cheers' bar, where everyone knows your name. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with the most sincere welcome. They are professional, dependable, and eager to assist you. It's wonderful in this day and age to still have a local community business where you are treated with the utmost customer service.


Acushnet MA

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