Massachusetts Teenage Driver


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How to Educate My New Driver

Congratulations, Your teenage driver just passed the Massachusetts road test. Hopefully you took to heart your parental duty to educate and familiarize your child with the roads and routes that they will now frequent. Fortunately, if you haven’t, it’s never too late. Take them down Route 6, in Dartmouth, Fairhaven, and Mattapoisett. Next, accompany them to their school, Bishop Stang, Fairhaven High, and Old Rochester Regional. Travel through New Bedford on Ashley Boulevard or Hathaway Boulevard and Parker Street. Visit New Bedford Voke or New Bedford High School. Point out all of the unique hazards along the way. Eventually however, they will need to go it alone. Here is where we just may be able to help, with a new service, DriveAdvisorSM .

Save On Your Massachusetts Auto Insurance

DriveAdvisorSM  is a free safety program for new drivers. It helps them learn how to reduce their risk of having an accident. In addition, it reduces your Mapfre Commerce  auto insurance premium by 5%. The  DriveAdvisorSM  device stores and transmits data on how a vehicle is operated. Customers using the device receive confidential feedback online about their driving behavior. In addition, a personalized report shows drivers their performance and progress over time and offers ways to improve safe driving. Now Parents of new drivers can access the secure DriveAdvisorSM  website and review data points such as:

  • Acceleration Braking
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Number of Miles Driven
  • Optional Trip Maps, which display where and when any driving event occurred

Your Driver’s Education Never Stops

Finally, you have the tools to help your new driver. Information is displayed daily, weekly,  monthly, and provides an overall “safety score”. All of this to help you track progress and provide an understanding of safety levels.* Now you have the ability to identify bad habits and reduce the chance of a car accident. Remember to educate your children. Let them know it doesn’t just happen to other people. In fact, the crash risk for new drivers is very high during the first months of having a license. Drivers 16-19 are three times more likely to crash than drivers 20 and older.** Be proactive and consider DriveAdvisorSM , as a way to bring those numbers down and keep your teenager safe. For more information click or call us today.